Vocation is the invitation to live a life that matters. Vocation is an invitation to become who you were born to be.

The Faith & Leadership Experience (FLEX) is designed to help young adults discern, strengthen and implement God’s call in their life to transform the world. We understand that God calls everyone toward a vocation. For some, God is calling you to the ministry. Others are called into nursing, to law, to law enforcement, to engineering, and so forth. God has a unique vocation in mind for everyone.



The Theological & Leadership School of Immersion is an intensive theological academy to prepare young adults for seminary, for work in mission and outreach and for ministry. However, the School of Immersion is designed to help any young adult deepen their knowledge base of theology, Christian history, and the Bible.  The school will involve rigorous academic study combined with personal spiritual growth formation that will allow participants to grasp the needed skill set to lead faith communities with theological integrity.

2016 Info | 2015 Wrap-Up


Pilgrimage & Exploration


FLEX’s Pilgrimage & Exploration experiences will help you sharpen your vocational direction by exposing you to a variety ways to serve God.

  • 2015 Pilgrimage: San Francisco – Oakland
  • 2016 Exploration: Orlando
  • 2017 Pilgrimage: TBD


Leadership Development


FLEX aims to develop world leaders by equipping, training and developing students to make a positive difference today and in the future. We offer various leadership workshops and retreats to help students become leaders in adaptive change leadership, conflict management and general leadership.


Charlotte Leadership Fellows


Willing and able young adults may be placed in immediate internship or leadership programs.


FLEX Toolbox

Valuable Resources for the Journey


FLEX is generously funded in part through a grant from the Lilly Endowment and a grant from the United Methodist Church’s Young Clergy Initiative. Your donation makes it possible for Cooperative Christian Ministry to offer innovative programs like FLEX.